Interface designing

Design and Development of Interfaces

Design of interface models for desktop and mobile applications

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We create application interfaces that are easy to use and effective in meeting the demands of your business. A quality interface is the result of integration of business logics and specific user scenarios.

  • Design of interfaces for desktop and mobile platforms

  • Development of a design concept of the product and the following fine tuning

  • Support and further development of interfaces for existing projects

  • Usability testing of completed or intermediate solutions

Interface designing

Interface Development Phases

  • Research

    Collection of information about the product, customer, their competitors or peers. It is also the time to gather statistics on the current interface use.

  • User Scenarios

    Development of Customer Journey Map.

  • Interface Prototyping

    Creation of a draft at the wireframe level. Creation of a detailed prototype and a final set of elements.

  • Design Concept

    Creation of a design concept of several main screens. This enables the user to see the general picture and provides an idea of the future interface look considering UI perspective.

  • Screen Rendering

    Finalizing of all screens and their stages of development based on the design concept accepted earlier. Final decision is made for the interface look.

  • Material Preparation

    All existing materials go to development including interactive prototype and design layouts of all screens with descriptions of user behavior.


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